Upcoming Bugfix Release

A bugfix release for Song Quiz is currently in the works, that will bring Game Center integration (optional), Russian language support, and the option the listen to a song from beginning to end (on the cost of losing the round).

There may be a bug that causes hanging when sound formats other than MP3 or AAC. If anybody experiences problems with this, please contact me and if possible attach a crash report!


A Note on the Price

Song Quiz will be available for $0.99 (€0.89). I intend to use the profit to finance my free educational apps Insensitive and Quantum Dot Size Calculator, which create running costs of $99 per year. If you have downloaded and like one of these apps, please consider buying Song Quiz to help me continue to offer other apps for free!

Song Quiz for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Test your knowledge about your own music Song Quiz, a clone of the Music Quiz game found on classic iPods. It offers a sleek and unobtrusive interface combined with a maximum of customisability.

Song Quiz running on iPhone

Song Quiz running on iPhone

Play the way you want it:

  • Guess song titles, albums or artist
  • Select playlists, artists or genres for the pool of songs
  • Set the sample length and the number of possible answers
  • Optionally simplify the available answers with time
  • Play the songs from beginning or random samples
  • Show or hide album artwork
  • Enable negative points for wrong answers
  • Survival mode: One wrong answer ends the round
  • No ads, no hidden costs

Localisation is available for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish. Please report any spelling errors or other mistakes to the author.

Song Quiz settings

Song Quiz settings

Song Quiz runs on iOS 4.3 and higher and is optimised for iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 and iPad. The app should appear this months on the Apple App Store in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.